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Industrial Floor Coatings Vancouver

The main purpose of floor coatings especially in an industrial setting is to provide protection from deterioration, and contamination. For industrial buildings It typically comes down to choosing the right material for the various conditions it will endure. See our products at Floor Coatings.

Floors are constantly subjected to heavy impact, abrasion, chemicals, and thermal shock. These are harmful as concrete floors are not designed to overcome this continual abuse.

Choosing the right materials:

Evaluate the Surface

Look at the current surface you are looking to improve, the surface must clean and be in a decent enough condition to ensure that it does not negatively effect the new coating being applied. It is important to remember that new concrete requires the proper preparation methods, curing compounds must be removed, and any surface laitance needs to be removed.

Consider the Performance Conditions

Chemical Exposure  

The severity of exposure and types of chemicals are extremely important because materials differ widely in chemical resistance. Identifying exposure is extremely important, as constant spills are less damaging than that of constant immersion.


The more traffic a surface endures is extremely important to know especially in industrial settings where there are different types of traffic to support such as; steel-wheels and rubber-wheels. Surfaces meant to support Steel-wheeled traffic requires special treatment for long-term wear.


A thicker floor system is probably the best bet if you are dealing with heavy loads, and direct impact.

Thermal Shock

Temperature fluctuation (thermal shock) is an important condition that must be considered. When choosing concrete in particular it is even more important to consider the material and ensure you are choosing the right one.

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