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Concrete Patch Products

You may be wondering how can concrete patch products can give your Vancouver home a new beautiful look? Continue reading this article to learn more about the concrete patch products we have to offer, or call Starpatch Concrete at 1-866 779 5278 today!

Over time, the driveway of your home will endure minor cracks, but since homeowners invest a large amount of money into ensuring their home is physically beautiful, concrete patch products are a good idea to restore your foundation and allow you to start brand new!

Here are some tips to repairing small cracks:

  1. Clean the area and remove loose chips

  2. Mix the concrete patch to the consistency of a thin paste

  3. Lightly spray water over the existing cracks

  4. Insert patching paste into the cracks

  5. Use a towel to scrape away excess paste (create smooth finish)

  6. Clean up immediately after patching to avoid your tools drying in and on them

Before you begin the patching process, it is essential that you prepare by removing any old leftover concrete, and remove contamination left over from years of activity. While these cracks in the concrete seem to be typical, it is not recommended that they are ignored by homeowners.

Typically, cracks occur due to drying shrinkage, movement, or physical damages. These cracks may be hard to notice at first but over time they become an eyesore and can decrease the value of your property.

While most types of cracking do not affect structural stability or durability, Vancouver homeowners should be prepared to save their time and money with the removal of existing concrete, by repairing chipped, cracked and stained driveways, walkways and more when they begin to form.

If you are interested in gathering more information about concrete patch products for your Vancouver home, contact us at 1-866 779 5278 or click here to book an appointment today!