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Decorative Concrete Products

Decorative concrete products are considered easy to use and excellent in performance. They can increase the overall appeal and value of your home in Vancouver not to mention make your concrete strong for years to come! Starpatch Concrete serves the Vancouver area with the necessary decorative concrete products to restore the appeal of your home, interested? Simply, call 1-866 779-5278 today!

Decorative concrete is an hot new trend for floors, entryways, and more! In today’s society concrete is no longer plain, grey and boring, it is now considered a beautiful decorative element to add to your home.

Today, homeowners in Vancouver recognize the value in using decorative concrete products. These products can be used to improve your home in a variety of ways, which means your options are nearly endless.

Decorative concrete options include:


Used as a polymer modifier and a bonding agent for dry cement products such as; Stamp top, Trowel Down and more. This is an ideal bonding agent or primer for all horizontal repair and decorative mortars.

Light Weight

This is a polymer- modified cement based stamp/carving overlay. This product is designed as a single component system. To use this you simply just add water to it and mix the components together. Lightweight can be applied vertically or horizontally during application.

Micro Top Flow

This is an ultra high bond that is also an abrasion resistant, durable cement based decorative topping. Micro Top Flow is formulated to resurface existing concrete, accept integral colours, acid stains and brushing techniques. This two part compound can be easily placed and is very good for floors with heavy traffic.

Multi Coat

Multi coat is known as a highly polymerized two component system that is designed to be applied in multiple layers. It creates a variety of unique finished to your concrete and it is available in regular, fine and extra fine grades. It works great for exterior and interior use.

If you live in Vancouver or surrounding areas and are looking for decorative concrete products to improve the overall look of your home, call us at 1 866 779 5278 or click here to book an appointment today!