Starpatch Concrete Products
Unit 5 - 6420 Beresford St.
Burnaby, BC
Canada V5E 1B6

PHONE: 604.433.7355
FAX: 604.433.7358
TOLL FREE: 1.866.779.5278

About Us

Starpatch Concrete Products formulates, manufactures and markets an expanding line of high quality concrete restoration products and the Technik brand of premium decorative concrete products. Starpatch is committed to developing user friendly, high quality products that allow cement professionals to use application specific products to provide their clientele with the best possible job. History: Starpatch was founded in 1984 and has concentrated on developing leading edge vertical and horizontal concrete patching compounds. Starpatch has been owned by the same family since 2000 and has completely revamped the product line, the production and quality control methods and expanded the product offerings, including toll blending, during this time. This family run business lives and breathes a customer-first attitude, providing premium products with top quality service.

Today: Starpatch Concrete Products continues to develop high quality repair and decorative products, provide first rate toll blending services and now also distributes the Tennant line of premium industrial coatings. The Starpatch vision is to be the provider of choice for the cement professional, to establish a vibrant, flexible family atmosphere for its employees and to continue a culture of quality delivered through hard work and attention to detail.